Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (Automobile/Design and Manufacturing/Energy Technology/Hydropower)


Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Mechanical Engineering with subdivision is a four-year program spread over eight semesters. A student needs to complete 47 credit hours, of course work, project work and internship, for graduation.
B.E. in Mechanical Engineering with subdivision offers its general mechanical engineering courses with specialization courses and related activities in 4 different areas viz. Automobile, Design & Manufacturing, Energy Technology and Hydropower, so that the students will be graduating as a Mechanical Engineer with skill and proficiency in one of the 4 core areas. Out of 149 credit hours, about 80 % of the courses will be common to all the subdivisions while students under each subdivision will have 20 % of specialized courses through project work, elective courses and industrial training.In the curriculum, lectures are supported by case studies, group discussions, project assignments, field visits, class presentations and other teaching methods. Students' participation in class, group-discussions and individual presentations is highly emphasized to develop their leadership and communication skills.
Courses marked *** are elective courses offered at the final year of the undergraduate program. Students can choose specialized courses among the available elective courses within the subdivision as offered by the department.
The medium of instruction and examination for all the offered courses are in English.

Updated course structure and syllabus (2023)